TC Stan Gerard, Registered Healer and Hypnotherapist, Aberdeen
Stan Gerard NSPH: National
  Society of Professional Hypnotherapists GHSC: General Hypnotherapy 
    Standards Council GHR:
      General Hypnotherapy Register
D.S.N.U.(H), M.N.S.P.H., M.N.F.S.H., S.Q.H.P., G.H.R.(Reg.), A.T.F.T. COSCA Registered.
Registered Healer & Hypnotherapist,
Thought Field Therapy Practitioner.
Member of the UK Institute of Forensic Hypnosis.
In private practice at: 'Serendipity'

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Provost Young's House
Member of the Advisory Council of the
28 Marischal Street
National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists.
Aberdeen AB11 5AJ
Scotland, U.K.
As seen on 'Kilroy', BBC1, BBC2, STV & Grampian TV.
Tel: 01224 213 808
Fax: 07092 010 254
Mob: 07730 468 183


    With effect from 1st July, 2015 Fees amended from as below to the following per session:

    Healing: 30
    Hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis, Hypnohealing, Regression therapy, Past-life recall: 60

    A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to avoid cancellation fees.

    Updated: 14.06.2015

    Fees above amended from below:


    ...[from 1st September 2005 adjusted in line with the recent NSPH 10 increase]:

    HEALING: per half-hour appointment: 25

    Regression therapy
    Past-life recall

    First appointment (1-11/2 hours): 50.00 with FREE relaxation tape (or recording of past life recall) included.

    Second appointment (1-11/2 hours, including teaching of self-hypnosis): 50.00

    Subsequent appointments: 50 per hour.

    Thought Field Therapy:
    per 50 minute appointment:

  • 1st Visit: 80
  • 2nd Visit: (if required) FREE within 2 months of 1st visit.
  • Subsequent visits: 40 per visit.

    Person-centered counselling:
    per 50 minute appointment: 40

    Forensic Hypnosis is available to Principle Investigating Authorities. Fees are available on application to Stan Gerard, as above, or on 01224 - 59 4774

    [Updated: 08.12.2006]

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